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BIORESOURCE CONSULTANTS, INC (BRC) is a full-service environmental consulting firm offering professional consulting and research services related to conserving and managing sensitive natural resources.  BRC’s mission is to provide our clients with objective, useful and timely information that meets the highest professional standards covering a wide range of technical environmental disciplines.

Providing a Complete Suite of Biological and Cultural Services and Solutions


BRC's Services

BRC’s services range from single-topic, applied environmental consulting services to complex, interdisciplinary research projects.  BRC responds to each project with a fresh perspective focused on solving problems and meeting specific objectives.  Today’s increasingly complex environmental review and compliance processes require innovative management programs and a solutions-oriented approach.

B3 Staff and Office Locations Southern C

BRC's Staff Locations

BRC's core staff reside in many locations in the western U.S. to provide our clients with high quality services in many varying geographies and disciplines. From the southwestern desert regions to the great central valley and beyond our biologists are in the area that our clients need and prepared to deliver timely, professional biological consulting services

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The BRC Team

BRC currently employs ~25 biologists and specialists capable of managing projects, supervising interdisciplinary studies, and conducting technical field work and reporting tasks. In addition to the project management and technical services offered by our key personnel, we maintain professional associations with scores of senior biologists, technical support personnel, the scientific research community and other specialists.

Great Horned Owl Photos from recent construction monitoring activities in Santa Barbara County


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BRC's Biological Technician at work in Ridgecrest, CA

BRC's Biological Technician Priscilla Watson-Wynn works with BLM staff on this field day that took place in the Piper Mountain Wilderness with range folks from the BLM Ridgecrest and Barstow field offiices to look at a natural spring as a potential water source for cattle and sheep.They dodged large rattlesnakes on the way out to Deep Springs Lake. The group observed a Black Toad which are a vulnerable species due to their isolated range.

Peregrine Falcon Conservation efforts by BRC's founder Carl Thelander and Mike Yates

Carl G. Thelander, BRC’s founding Principal, holding a freshly-trapped adult peregrine falcon captured on South Padre Island, TX.  Every spring Carl volunteers to help Mike Yates and Dr. Bill Seegar of Earthspan (www.Earthspan.foundation) trap, band, and collect blood and feather samples from northern migrants headed north from their wintering areas in the southern hemisphere to their arctic nesting sites, across the North American arctic and Greenland.  Mike and Bill have been doing this amazing research for some 40 years now and they’ve amassed an incredible, irreplaceable archive of blood samples and banding records that have benefited conservation efforts directed at peregrine falcons for decades.